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The ADR CP is your fast track to control Drug Risks in Polypharmacy and to
more Drug Safety and Precision Medicine:

● highly innovative and dynamic drug drug interaction checker
● provides the "all in one" overview of drug risks in complex patient medications
● reconciles multiple kinetic interactions and adverse drug effects
● makes transparent how one drug in a medication is affected by all others
● visualizes the multiple impacts of drugs on vital signs and serious adverse effects
● easy to understand alerts make possible medication errors transparent at one glance
● Optimizer to find safer polypharmacy prescriptions for multimorbide patients
● based on prescriber information, literature and FDA interaction guide lines
● interface to EMR- and E-prescribing software
● Surescripts approved drug database interface for e-prescribing
● More than 40 years proven experience in the development of drug interaction checkers

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To get an idea, have a look at our introductory video:
The ADR CP of SCHOLZ DataBank:
- bringing more pharmacology into your prescriptions
- saving time in clinical decision processes
- controlling effectively polypharmacy with multiple drug interactions
- paving your fast track to more drug safety and precision medicine


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