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SCHOLZ DataBank provides drug databases for the integration into doctor’s office and E-prescribing software to support the prescription of appropriate drugs for the individual patient including the identification and management of drug-drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapies, side effects, contraindications and drug-disease interactions when prescribing. Pharmacy and consumer oriented systems are also supported and available on demand.
The platform of SCHOLZ DataBank is therefore a very comprehensive relational database where the content items are stored and linked to each other in complex network structures. All drug information is from reliable sources and is based on literature research, manufacturer data, and information from the FDA and similar European authorities. It covers more than 200,000 commonly used prescription and over-the-counter drugs published with the NDCCODE and package information by the FDA and contained in the RxNorm data set from the NIH. Several hundred thousand database records contain structured side effect, drug interaction, contraindication and allergy informations to support comprehensive drug risk control for the user. The unique classification and storage of drug properties open the door to overlook millions of polypharmacy scenarios and their risks within seconds using the MDDI and e²CP retrieval technology of SCHOLZ DataBank. More than 40 Years of experience in the field are the very solid basis to provide our customers the best and finest drug database technology.
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The MDDI Calculator and the Revolution in Drug Risk Checking

SCHOLZ DataBank with its MDDI Calculator, moves drug drug interaction checking in polypharmacy away from the traditional model towards Precision Medicine.
What is driving this REVOLUTION in drug risk checking which turns the world of drug interactions into a completely new one. The traditional model looks at drug interactions as a phenomena characterized by the relation of pairs of drugs. In poly-pharmaceutical scenarios this model produces frequent alerts. The user has then to puzzle together in a tedious and time consuming process what is important and what not, and what is really the compiled essence. Alert fatigue is a recurring unwanted consequence of long interaction listings as displayed below, too.
Therefore the “pair-of-drugs” model has been abandoned. This insight and new pharmacological knowledge resulted in modelling “MDDI” multi-drug-drug-interactions to give the user a tool to assess immediately the dose adjustment of the drugs most affected by multiple interaction mechanisms. Given a polypharmacy medication the simple question for each drug should be answered immediately: what is the impact of all the other drugs together on one drug, for example the impact on simvastatin or aripiprazole through bupropion, amlodipine, fluconazole, or clarithromycin?
Opening the door to a Precision Medicine Tool icon

Opening the door to a Precision Medicine Tool

The MDDI model is also ready to take regard of the pharmacogenetics and the renal function of the patient with CKD. 
Therefore,with only a few clicks the personalized individual drug risk analysis in complex patient scenarios of polypharmacy with multiple drug drug interactions becomes possible and, therefore, SCHOLZ DataBank is much more than a simple drug interaction checker: it is a tool to make decisions based on the individual patient vitals, diagnoses, pharmacogenetics and risk factors and therefore opens the door to Precision Medicine.
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The doctor's edition of SCHOLZ DataBank, known also as DIT Drug Database, is Surescripts approved and supports e-prescribing in doctor’s office software. 
Therefore SCHOLZ DataBank contains the NDCCODE related package information including federal and statal DEA schedules as well as NCPDP conform NCIT dosage form classifications and codes needed to support Surescripts requirements when E-prescribing. An interface to Surescripts formulary service is also available for SCHOLZ DataBank users as well as support in Surescripts certifications.
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Webservice and Software Solutions

SCHOLZ DataBank comprises the Knowledge Engine with its clinical concepts and application software interfaces for use in local networks, intranets and the worldwide web.
SQL Server solutions and Webservices with high performance server connections support also modern EMR and e-prescribing cloud solutions as well as mobile apps.
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Knowledge Engine

SCHOLZ DataBank provides a sophisticated Knowledge Engine with clinical concepts supporting comprehensive drug risk control and many interfaces to support communication through standard medical-pharmaceutical classifications and drug safety ensuring e-prescribing. 
  •  Drug Search by Brand name, Generic name, RxNorm code, NDCCODE
  •  Search for Therapeutic Alternatives (identical, comparable, and by therapeutic class similar or related drugs)
  • Drug-Drug Interactions
  • Dose-Dependent Drug-Drug Interactions
  • Triple-Drug-Drug-Interactions
  • Triple-Classification of Interactions with Relevance, Frequency, and Combo-Status
  • Drug-Food Interactions
  • Drug-Alcohol Interactions
  • Duplicate Therapy
  • MDDI (multi drug drug interactions: how one drug is affected by multiple other drugs at one glance)
  • Drug-Disease Interactions
  • Drug-Age Precautions including High Risk Medications according to Meaningful Use Stage 2
  • Drug-Renal and Hepatic Precautions
  • Drug Allergies

  • Symptomatic Side Effects
  • Organ Specific Side Effects
  • Contraindications By Side Effects
  • Identical Side Effects Profile
  • Predictive System Identifying Drug Risks Not Found in Literature

Quick search for alternative drugs with lower risk

  • Drug Disease Optimization
  • Drug Allergy Optimization
  • Drug Side Effect Optimization
  • Drug Interaction Optimization

  • Interface to ICD10-Code
  • Interface to NDCCODE (National Drug Code of the FDA in HIPAA format)
  • Interface to RxNorm/RXCUI
  • Interface to Dailymed
  • Interface to NCPDP classifications
  • Interface to DEA schedule

Application Software

SCHOLZ DataBank provides the Knowledge Engine and the database for diverse software platforms and with diverse application software interfaces for use in local networks, intranets and the worldwide web. Our major target is to help our partners save time and money by providing tools enabling easy and seamless access to the drug database. Complete integrations into Windows applications, for example, may be accomplished within a few days of develoment.
Our software supports tools including graphic user interfaces or give you the full freedom to put your individual user interface on top of our DLL, server or webservice software. 
Essential software tools,  interfaces, are in the following listing:

  •  MSSQL-Server for Windows 2003 and higher (SDB MSSQL-Server)
  •  Webservice with REST interface to support webbased solutions and APPs
  •  Standalone Reference System for Windows
  •  DLLs for local network Windows applications
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SCHOLZ DataBank software solutions are predominantly tools for vendors and developers to integrate powerful drug information and drug interaction in a fast and seamless way into EMR, E-prescribing, hospital or clinical software systems for doctors and pharmacies.
If you are a doctor or pharmacist interested in using SCHOLZ DataBank please provide us the contact to your EMR, E-prescribing, hospital or pharmacy software vendor; then we can plan an integration strategy together with your vendor.
Please contact us also if you want to get more information about SCHOLZ DataBank; thank you for your interest in SCHOLZ DataBank products.
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Thank you for your interest in our products and for your request concerning specific product documentation.

Please contact us by mail and we shall provide you the desired documents.

Depending on the type of information we might ask you to close with us a mutual NDA.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to doing business with you.
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