Supporting safe and effective Drug Therapy through powerful Drug Information Technology
SCHOLZ DATABANK Inc. has the target to develop and to spread out drug information technology worldwide which is now available as “SCHOLZ DataBank” in the U.S.A. and as “SCHOLZ Datenbank” in Germany. This clinical drug risk checking software is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals and patients to check drug-drug interactions, side effects and other drug risks, thereby improving safe and effective drug therapy.

MDDI Technology, Precision Medicine and Polypharmacy
Recent and future development has its focus on building sophisticated, multilingual webservice infrastructures as well as on supporting personalized or precision medicine. The essential step towards the latter target was the development of the MDDI technology which is based on a model of “multi drug drug interactions”. In this theory important drug interaction parameters and their changes may be assessed by the interplay of all properties and interaction mechanisms for all drugs involved. This approach makes sense especially as polypharmacy with patient medications of five and more drugs is widely spread in industrialized countries.

Integrating Patient Clinical Data
The integration of patient clinical data was the second step done. Therefore the MDDI Calculator is able to compute very individual assessments based on patient properties such as age, gender, diseases, pharmacogenetic status or existing CKD stage and the drugs the patient is on.

e²CP Technology:
Enhanced Transparency when Reconciling Medication Risks and Patient Clinical Data

The third step was to reconcile the world of side effects and drug drug interactions with the patient's vital signs, symptoms and diseases in a way that the impact of the complete medication on blood pressure, heart rhythm and function, respiration, liver function, kidney function, nervous system, blood sugar, electrolytes, and blood becomes transparent to the user at one glance. To support this concept the e²CP technology (electronic express chromapictography technology) was developed and will be more and more optimized in the future according to the needs of the users and the technical capabilities.

Helping Professionals as well as Patients
SCHOLZ Databank supports clinical decision making for health care professionals as well as empowering patients to protect themselves from drug risks through up-to-date and easy to use mobile APPs. The doctor's edition of SCHOLZ DataBank is Surescripts approved for supporting e-prescribing in doctor's office software.

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