About 15% of prescribable drugs, counted by NDCCODEs, are subject to Drug Enforcement schedules. These schedules are predominantly subject to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); however, for many drugs there are statal rulings which deviate from the federal schedule. This may mean that the schedules (II, III, IV, or V) differ or even statal rulings exist where the DEA has not defined any specific DEA class. Testosterone, for example, is in New York class II and according to the federal ruling class III; ingredients such as gabapentin are not at all scheduled by the DEA but are class V drugs in states like Kentucky or Tennessee. Seamless e-prescribing requires therefore a prescriber software which retrieves from a drug database all the specific information required to write a correct prescription which the pharmacy has no problem with to dispense, no matter, where your practice is located. SCHOLZ DataBank contains the federal rulings and the specific rulings for 51 states in the U.S. . Thereby, integrating SCHOLZ DataBank in your doctor's office software may help to make e-prescribing of controlled drugs nearly as easy as prescribing any other medication.