The renaissance of the international and U.S. SCHOLZ Databank has been accomplished. It took eight years of development to set up a completely new system including a new SQLServer database, new .NET retrieval software, a REST technology based webservice, and new interfaces to RxNorm, ICD10, NDCCODE, NCPDP and DEA schedule. On top of that the advanced MDDI concept was designed and realized for the fast control of "multi drug drug interactions" in polypharmacy scenarios and the e²CP technology (" electronic express chromapictography") which supports a sophisticated ADR CP(adverse drug risk control panel). With the new app "SCHOLZ QT" the suite of products is supplemented by the first end user solution which does not address the healthcare professionals but directly the patients. All this intensive development was done under the leadership of Wolfgang Scholz, the founder of the SCHOLZ Databank initiative in 1980, good reason therefore to go back to the roots of origin and rename the company now to SCHOLZ DATABANK, Inc.