Reconciling the complex world of drug information and drug interactions with the needs of all who take decisions in drug therapy

Our solutions

SCHOLZ DataBank Inc. represents a complete suite of drug database technology tools as it provides the drug information content database as well as the software tools to maintain the database and to support customer software solutions.

The core of SCHOLZ DataBank consists of a very sensitive and dynamic drug interaction checker. Modern concepts such as the MDDI ("multi drug drug interaction") and the e²CP ("electronic express chromapictography") technology support the instant analysis of medication problems which healthcare professionals face when treating multimorbide patients with polypharmacy. Taking individual patient information into account such as pharmacogenetics or kidney stages paves the way towards Precision Medicine. The application of sophisticated and targeted methods to represent and visualize information provides easy to use and easy to understand solutions for healthcare professionals as well as for patients
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Drug Safety

Minimizing errors in drug therapy through worldwide research for database information
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Decision Support

Minimizing errors in drug therapy due to comprehensive professional drug risk checking software
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Patient Empowerment

Patient empowering drug checking application software
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Safety by Experience

More than 40 years experience lays our foundation to develop drug information systems
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Professional Team

Support from our team with integration and technical inquries
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Saving time

Due to MDDI technology complex polypharmacy scenarios can be instantly computed

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